Matthew McConaughey is the brand ambassador of Lincoln for two years now. The famous actor puts a new twist on ice fishing to highlight the versatility and serene sanctuary of the new Lincoln Aviator in a new campaign spot for the three-row luxury SUV.

With the stark beauty of winter as a backdrop, the latest piece has McConaughey using his Aviator as a shelter from the elements after carving a hole in the ice and dropping a line.

“Beats jiggin’ in a shanty,” he murmurs as he visibly relaxes in the warmth of his Aviator and begins sketching in his travel journal – the same journal, incidentally, that was shown in spots introducing the Lincoln Navigator.

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The piece, produced by Hudson Rouge, was directed by noted cinematographer and director Lance Acord, known for movies like “Lost in Translation,” and popular shorts like this year’s “E.T.: A Holiday Reunion.”

“This piece is all about telling a story of how Lincoln’s approach to its clients and its vehicles is different,” says Eric Peterson, Lincoln marketing communications manager. “It’s clear that no matter the activity or the environment, Aviator provides a serene sanctuary with luxurious amenities, intuitive technology and the versatility of its three rows of seats.”