BMW just launched the new i3 in the United States but is already facing competition from Lexus. The Japanese manufacturer, who also introduced the CT200h facelift in the US, mocks the Bavarian electric mini in a new commercial, called "Dad’chelor Party".
It is a common thing that premium manufacturers use other competitor vehicles as a comparison. This time though, Lexus might have hurried a little with the irony because the BMW i3 is not offered just in its pure electric form.
A two-cylinder gasoline engine, derived from a BMW motorcycle, extends the range to about 250 miles on a tank of gasoline. The engine is housed in the trunk and connected to a generator that recharges the battery. BMW ensures customers that its combustion engine doesn’t transmit mechanical power directly to the wheels.
The video shows a group of male friends celebrating a new birth by driving from Van Nuys, California to Las Vegas for Vegas fun – one group in the Lexus CT 200h and the other in the BMW i3 electric car.  Things don’t go so well for the i3 group.
Toyota, the parent company of Lexus, has shown no interest in plug-in cars and has focus efforts on hybrids and fuel-cell cars such as the Toyota FCV that launches next year in the states, Japan, and Europe. 

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