A couple of days ago, Land Rover unveiled a new version of the Defender. Its name is pretty simple: Defender V8. The British off-road model comes with a mighty V8 5.0 liter engine which can deliver 525 horsepower and 625 Nm peak of torque.

But the model wasn’t prepared to devour the roads. It was developed to cross the heavy terrain and go pretty fast on the common roads.

According to some sources, the British car manufacturer might come up with a hotter variant. Per se, we are talking about a SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) version which will be able to haul the tracks around the Globe very fast.

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The news comes from Michael van der Sande, SVO chief, who explained that the current V8 doesn’t have an SV or SVX badge because it lacks the “amount of technical changes you would expect on an SV product.”

The next clue offered by Michael got us thinking. He said that “Our purchase of Bowler last year was very intentional.” We don’t know if the current Defender will get an SVO version, but this news can be taken with some salt by the Defender fans.