Even though the car industry is moving to electric and alternative fuels, there are some manufacturers that can be seen as if they will make the switch. And I assume you managed to guess which car manufacturers I am referring to.

Yes, there are supercar builders. And today we have good news from Lamborghini. In a recent interview for Car and Driver, Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani said that the Aventador successor will be equipped with a V12 naturally aspirated engine.

But things won’t be as we used to know, because due to emission regulations, the engine will be equipped with some electric assistance. We don’t know for sure what layout Lamborghini will use, but we have a statement from the Italian car manufacturer thanks to the Sian model.

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The Lamborghini Sian has a V12 6.5 liter unit with a 48 Volt mild hybrid system which uses a supercapacitor instead of batteries. Unfortunately, we don’t know if Lamborghini will stick to this solution or will come up with a better one.