On September 7th, Hyundai will hold an online forum about hydrogen’s future. According to the Asian car manufacturer, we will see some new technologies, a modern fuel-cell powertrain, and a hydrogen-powered sports car.

We don’t have any idea about what will be, so the teaser shown by Hyundai surprised us. In a recent press document, Hyundai said that there will continue to be work on hybrid fuel-cell vehicles, and the guys from the N division will be in charge of some electric and hydrogen-powered performance models.

Judging by this, we can assume that the future performance fuel-cell model will be developed by N division and it will be a hell of a ride. We have a teaser picture of the car and it looks like a three-door coupe, similar in size to the current Elantra. But this is just our supposition.

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All the details about the future hydrogen-powered Hyundai car will come on September 7th.

Source: Hyundai