Last year, Hyundai unveiled the Concept 45, an electric prototype that was described as a design study which will set the new styling for the Asian car manufacturer. A couple of months ago, Hyundai also unveiled the Prophecy, another design study.

Now, SangYup Lee, Hyundai’s Senior Vice President, has confirmed for our colleagues from Auto Express, that both concept cars named before will get production versions.

“There will be a production version of Prophecy coming after a production version of the 45 concept. The 45 is more inspired by the 1970s, but a more modern SUV style that’s more mainstream. The Prophecy is inspired by the 1930s streamlined era. These two cars show how much of the design spectrum we are capable of”, said the Hyundai official.

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According to some other officials, the Prophecy will be the base for the second generation Ioniq.

The Concept 45 production model will be unveiled later this year, while the new generation Ioniq is scheduled for 2021 unveiling.