I’m pretty sure that you know who Bob Luts is (former chairman at General Motors). He and other four smart guys have decided to build a modern Hummer H1. Because the trademark still belongs to GM, the model is named Humvee C-Series. The car is built in the US but it is sold only outside the country. 

As we previously said, the ressurected vehicle was the idea of Humvee Export, a five-person collaboration between Hummer enthusiasts and entrepreneours. These guys have contacted VLF to assemble the cars and now, the H1 is back in the game. 

“There’s a niche market. There are people who want to have the most fun at five or six miles per hour”, said president John Costin. The Humvee C-Series will be offered in Africa, Europe, Middle East and China. 

“If they’ve got everything else, why shouldn’t they have one of these? The C-Series is the Humvee the world has been waiting for and combines superior craftsmanship with ultimate functionality, as well as industry-topping mobility technology”, Costin added.

The new Humvee C-Series was unveiled during the Shanghai Motor Show and can be ordered in three trim levels (Bravo, Charlie and Delta). Under the hood of the car is a diesel V8 6.5 liter unit rated at 190, 205 or 250 horsepower. There is also a V8 petrol unit rated at 430 horsepower. 

Source: Hummer