If you are looking for a soulmate, than skip Tinder and go to Formula Automobile website. Here you will find a great Lamborghini Diablo GTR. 

The model was officially launched in 1999 during the Geneva Motor Show and features a 590 horsepower engine. The V12 6.0 liter unit also delivers 630 Nm peak of torque and can propel the supercar to 60 milles per hour in just 3,5 seconds. The top speed is clocked at 211 mph. Only 30 units were built and this one is in a very good form. The car has number 22 and features a white exterior with black wheels and carbon fiber accents.

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The model has 10,000 kilometers and thanks to the GTR package it has just 1,395 kilograms. The model was stripped out which means you won’t find air conditioning, stereo or sound proofing materials. Instead, you will get racing seats, six-point seatbelts and a roll cage. According to the website, the buyer is asking 310,000 USD for this car.