McLaren is working on a new supercar. The model will replace the current 570S and other Sports Series model and it will be a brand new car.

According to McLaren boss, “every element” is new, from the platform and hybrid powertrain to the interior design and the car’s name.

The new McLaren Artura will be unveiled on February 17th and, as you already read above, it will have a hybrid powertrain. The model will use a V6 petrol unit and an electric motor to generate great power. Both engines will send the power to the rear axle.

For now we don’t have official info, but it is believed the Artura will be a plug-in hybrid with about 32 kilometrs of pure electric range. The total power output will be above 600 horsepower, which will make the Artura a lot more powerful than the current 570S.

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Here is a new teaser video of the upcoming McLaren Artura.