The Blue Oval has released a new image with their upcoming B-Max which this time showcases the small MPV’s Easy Access Door System.
The Ford B-Max which will be seen for the first time at the 82nd edition Geneva Motor Show in March, features hinged doors at the front and sliding rear door that also integrate the central body pillars, a solution described by the company as ‘game-changing’.
This Easy Door Access System enables 1.5-metre wide unobstructed openings on both sides and makes tasks such as loading bulky items or helping children in and out of the car in tight spaces….well easy.
Stefan Lamm, exterior design director, Ford of Europe "Door systems like this have been a designer’s dream for many years," "We have taken the concept from an idea on a designer’s sketch pad, to a stylish and versatile product on the showroom floor."
Of-course the adoption of such a door system raised a few challenges in terms of making the vehicle safe, but Ford has addressed these requirements by moving the high-strength body-structure from the central body pillars and integrating it directly into the doors in order to ensure excellent protection in the event of a side impact.
The company has also used special ultra-high-strength steels in key parts of the vehicle’s body, a material which is up to 5 times stronger than conventional mild steel.    
Darren Palmer, Product Development Quality Director, Ford of Europe stated that "We engineered the body to keep all the benefits of the new door concept, while making the structure strong, stiff and light," "Creating a strong, stable body is great for handling. The B-MAX is just
as stiff as the latest Fiesta, and will be just as fun to drive too."

Source: Ford