A couple of weeks ago, Volkswagen unveiled a facelifted version of the current generation Polo. Now it is time to see the upcoming Polo GTI facelift.

Yes, the B class model will continue to have a performance version and it will be as good as the current one. Why do we say that? Because Volkswagen will improve the design and some interior bits, while the mechanical parts will remain untouched.

As a result, the upcoming performance hot hatch will feature the same 2.0 liter petrol unit which can deliver up to 208 horsepower (this was the latest version of the current Polo GTI).

On the design side, there will be some Golf GTI-like bits, but we are not mad about that. Judging by the teaser picture, we do think that the new Polo GTI will look even better than the current model.

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The presentation of the 2021 Volkswagen Polo GTI facelift will take place in late June.