The guys from Audi design have teamed up with the famous watchmaker Erwin Sattler to create the latest table clock with Audi theme. According to the German car manufacturer, the clock table will be produced in only 100 units and it comes with a minimalistic design.

It has transparent casing on the sides and a single pane safety glass. On the sides it comes with ruthenium coated clasps which holds the table together. 

The Ingolstadt-based manufacturer didn’t give us any details about the price but you mustn’t think cheap. As a reminder, Erwin Sattler’s table clocks are selling around the globe with about 10.000 USD and we are pretty sure that this new product won’t be an exception. 

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"Design is a reflection of technology. This is why we very intentionally display the technical details of the clock", said Audi in the press release. 

This is the first collaboration between Audi design team and the watchmaker Erwin Sattler and the new table clock can be ordered at

Source: Audi