The electric car sales in Europe are having a blast. Despite the total market for February has been down by 5.4 percents, the electric cars registrations are going up.

According to ACEA, over 80,000 electric cars were sold in February in Europe, more than 10% in the total sales.

Tesla Model 3 was Europe’s best selling electric car with over 9000 units.For Model 3 this is not a big thing, since the cheapest electric in Tesla’s lineup has been on the top spot many times. The big hit come from the second place car, the Model Y, sold in over 6,000 units. On the last podium spot come Fiat 500e. We don’t know how the little Italian made it in the top, but we salute its performance.

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One interesting fact is that no Volkswagen Group model wasn’t on top 3.