Since 1997, Daimler has created a profit-sharing action and most of the Germans employees are getting bonuses.

These bonuses are calculated compared to the annual operating profit and in 2019, Daimler got 4.3 billion Euros of operating profit. It is much lower than the one in 2018 (11.1 billion Euros), and this will affect the bonuses.

As a result, according to Daimler, about 130,000 German employees will get 597 Euros profit sharing and another performance bonus of 500 Euros. As a result, the maximum bonus for this year will be 1,097 Euros (1,200 USD).

But this is much smaller compared to the one given in 2018 (4,965 Euros) or to the one given in 2017 (5,700 Euros).

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“We are aware that many of our colleagues had to work with high tension and under difficult conditions this past year,” Michael Brecht, Chairman of the General Works Council at Daimler, commented. “Therefore, we have jointly agreed to pay an additional one-time appreciation bonus. We are grateful for everyone’s exceptional performance and commitment.”