Last month, European new passenger cars registrations totalled 960,191 units – an increase of 16% marking a ninth consecutive month of growth. Out of these, 18,659 were Dacia Sandero’s.

It might not sound like a big value, but the Romanian model was Europe’s best selling car. On the second spot of last month top come Volkswagen T-Roc with 16,746 units, while the last place on the podium was scored by Opel Corsa with 16,578 units.

An important fact is that April was Sandero’s third month this year to become Europe’s best selling car.

On electric cars, Tesla Model Y was the leader with 10,553 units. On the second on third sports come Volkswagen’s ID.4 and ID.3 with 6,542 units, respectively 5,913 units.