Land Rover Defender can be considered in Europe as the Jeep Wrangler in the US. There are lots of aftermarket firms that can transform your car into a better off-roader or into a family camper.

In the following lines you’ll read about a new compact camper made out of the classic Defender.

In this case, Felix Collier built his Defender as a car that can go deep into the woods and can support his life for a few days in the wilderness.

“I built it simply because I love exploring! I like getting off the beaten track and away from the crowds and mainstream routes. I enjoy nothing more than just jumping in the driver’s seat in the morning and seeing where the day takes me., said Collier in an interview for

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This special model comes with wood covers for the interior, a pop-up roof and a 110 amp-hour battery with a CTEK charging system. A two-kilowatt diesel heater with a five-liter fuel tank keeps the cabin warm. There is also an underfloor tool storage, a foam mattress for the sleeping place and some special tires made for going into the wooded tracks.