Citroen will bring a ‘highly innovative concept’ at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show called the Tubik which draws inspiration from the Type H van sold from 1948.
According to the automaker this new Citroen Tubik Concept van focused on the fun of the journey, and it does that by offering a high level of modularity combined with various entertainment technologies. Characterised by its unique interior/exterior design, the Tubik can accommodate up to 9 passengers thanks to its three rows of seats which can be arranged in many different ways.
The first row of seats will allow two people to face the road or the other passengers, while the middle row can seat up to three people or be converted into a small table or even be folded out completely in order to create a meridienne-style seat configuration.
The driver area is separated from the rest of the seats, as it is a module which groups the pedals, the seat, the steering wheel and the curved head-up display into a circular form called the cyclotron. The driver, which can be identified through a fingerprint recognition system sits on a black full grain leather seat. 
Despite its generous dimensions of 4.8 m in length, 2.08 m in width and 2.05 m in height the Citroen Tubik Concept is reportedly as friendly to the environment as a conventional saloon due to the fact that its drivertrain is based on the Hybrid4 full-hybrid diesel technology.

Source: Citroen