Citroen has unveiled the DS Wild Rubis, a unique and captivating
concept which points to a future DS SUV. The concept will debut
at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.
Designed to be
driven by the full-hybrid, plug-in technology, DS Wild Rubis is
packed with technological innovations.
With impressive dimensions – 4.7m L, 1.95m W and 1.59m H – a
wheelbase of 2.9m and planted on 21” wheels, DS Wild Rubis
expresses power and strength.

The car’s silhouette is highlighted by a unique chrome signature
on the side. The roof bars accentuate the impression of height,
before blending into the bodywork and flow of the profile of the
rear wing.
Featuring the new front-end identity inaugurated by the Numero 9
concept, the face of DS Wild Rubis is characterised by the
three-dimensional radiator grille decorated with a DS emblem.
The grille flows into unique full-LED headlights, made up of
three mobile lighting modules and surrounded by scrolling
indicator lights at the base and a tuning fork-shaped light
signature on the edge.
The new arrangement of the lights at the rear appears to be part
of the raised tailgate. Just like a jewel, the glass of the rear
lights is encased in chrome, further enhancing the light
The foot of the sculptural rear tailgate is highlighted by the
chrome finish, incorporating the twin exhaust pipes.

Source: Citroen