The AMG Division is one of the greatest performance house in the world. But what will they do with all this emissions law? The answer is coming from Ola Kallenius himself, the AMG Chairman. 

The German official told Edmunds that in the next five or six years the V12s engines will be in action. Also, AMG says that the current 355 hp four cylinder engine is the absolute limit of what’s possible from a 2.0 liter displacement. 

But there is always an alternative, and the hybrid is one of them. Ola Kallenius said that he does see a future for the sports cars powered by a hybrid power train but its time is not has not come. 

"Hybrid is going to be in the future of even sports cars. We will do the hybrid when the market is ready for it and in markets due to their regulations. We can act and react relatively quickly if we see a change. We can use Mercedes-Benz technology in the cars very fast", said Ola Kallenius. 

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On the matter of diesels, the AMG Division chairman said that the German house will not make an oil-burner.  "We should never say never to a diesel or anything else, but I cannot see a circumstance that would change that possibility for us — what the diesel cannot do compared to a direct-injection gasoline engine is the aggressiveness and pure delivery and sound. And the advantage a diesel has in economy is growing smaller all the time. We are not changing the AMG brand to accommodate diesels." he concluded.

Source: Carscoop