Chrysler continues to make Americans proud of their cars and their achievements. The Detroit-based manufacturer continues its ”Imported from Detroit” ad campaign, started two years ago, with a new commercial, dedicated to current Chrysler 300 model.
The spot is only 60 seconds long, but will be followed by other versions. To give the commercial a more powerful impact, the narration comes from Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones actor, and the spot is called ”The Kings and Queens of America”.
“Our latest homage to the relentless and proud is ‘The Kings and Queens of America,’ where we recognize nobility not as a birthright but an earned designation. Because meaningful success doesn’t appear magically on a silver platter; it is earned and should be rewarded. The crown jewel in this case being the new Chrysler 300 – a car crafted with them in mind”, says Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA.

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Video transcription:
 "There is no royal blood in this country. Nothing is reserved for anyone. It’s all just out there. Waiting for someone to reach out and take it. And for the ones who do. These are the Kings and Queens of America."