To help off-roaders achieve their dreams, Jeep and its accesories division Mopar unveil a new Performance Parts program, available on the American SUVs.
Mopar portfolio of Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) includes 2-Inch Lift Kit, offering added clearance for off-road obstacles as well as the ability to accommodate larger 35-inch tires.
There is also a 4-inch Lift Gate and Beadlock Wheels, featuring the proper 12mm offset to accommodate 35-inch tires with a 2-inch lift, Rock Rails and some front and rear Dana 60 axles come equipped with electric lockers, standard one-ton truck disc brakes with dual-piston calipers, 1550 size u-joints, premium locking hubs and heavy-duty mounting brackets.
The axles are engineered to work in lockstep with production steering and braking systems. The package will include Flat Top Fender Flares accommodate aggressive 35-inch tires (or 37-inch tires with a two-inch lift kit) and attach to production mounting holes with no sheet metal trimming. Available in black but easily painted.