Here is Cadillac’s promotional clip for this year’s important sporting event, the Super Bowl. This 30 second commercial will appear on TV during the Big Game and as you will see for yourself, the American automaker is once again talking about how the new Cadillac ATS is ready to take on the best models in its class, and the BMW 3 Series in particular.
Joel Ewanick, General Motors Global Chief Marketing Officer said "The ad showcases what will make ATS a serious new challenger against the world’s best compact luxury cars," "It’s an opportunity to reach a big audience with the message that Cadillac is expanding into new territory."
Unlike many Super Bowl ads which concentrate on being funny and "other devices unrelated to the product being pitched", Cadillac decided to make the ATS "the total focus of the ad with, actual testing footage of the ATS".  
Of-course there still is a corny phrase at the end of the spot which is "if anyone tells you that Cadillac can’t beat the world’s best, just tell them to go to "Green Hell.""

Cadillac ATS Green Hell Commercial for 2012 Super Bowl

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Source: GM