Buick has officially unveiled the all-new Electra E5 SUV in China. Basically, it is a reworked Chevolet Equinox EV for the Asian market as a SAIC-GM joint venture product.

The Electra E5 is Buick’s first Ultium-based electric production model.

According to the US-based manufacturer, the model is 4,892 millimeters (192.6 inches) long, 1,905 mm (75 in) wide, and 1,655 mm (65.1 in) tall. The wheelbase also has 2,954 mm (116.2 in), which matches the Equinox EV dimension.

For now, the manufacturer did not discolose any details about the powertrain or images with the interior. We expect to see all these in the near future, as Buick says the Electra E5 will soon be launched in China.