Bugatti has exercised its creativity by introducing three uniquely coloured Veyrons at this year’s Dubai International Motor Show. Based on the Grand Sport, the fastest, most powerful open top car on the planet, these special Veyrons have been exclusively created for the Middle East market.
The first version which costs 1,58 million Euros features a horizontal colour split between bright yellow and visible black carbon and has black tinted wheels. The interior matches the exterior colour combination through yellow leather seats with black stitching, the black carbon center console and the dash, steering wheel and gear shifter which are incased in black leather and feature contrasting yellow stitching.
The second two-tone Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport costs 1,74 million Euros and uses visible blue carbon, framed in polished, anodised aluminium with a front end also highlighted in aluminium with a mirror shine finish. This individualised Grand Sport sits on Diamond Cut, two-tone finish, aluminium polished wheels and has an interior that combines dark blue Indigo leather or blue carbon fiber with tangerine stitching.
The third special Grand Sport goes for the elegant/harmonious look and combines green carbon fibre with polished aluminium. In this case the interior uses colours like green and sliver. Pricing for this one is also 1,74 million Euros. 

Source: Bugatti