As we just mentioned, the second world premiere hosted by Mitsubishi’s stand at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show (apart from the Mirage) will be the Concept PX-MiEV II.
The above mentioned cars represent "two major pillars" in the automaker’s mid-term business plan, with the PX-MiEV II previewing a state-of-the-art powertrain that will extinguish many negative perceptions regarding SUVs, due to its increased fuel efficiency and friendliness to the environment.
The Mitsubishi PX-MiEV II basically represents the next logical step in the evolution of the first PX-MiEV study and is most likely pointing at the upcoming generation Outlander.
The PX-MiEV II’s characteristics include a body measuring 4,660 m in length, 1,830 m in width and 1,680 m in height and a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder MIVEC engine backed by two electric motors (one on each axle).
The petrol engine which develops 70 kW and the electric motors which provide an additional 120 kW (60 kW each) feed around 254 HP to the vehicle’s newly developed twin-motor 4WD with S-AWC traction control system, and through this architecture Mitsubishi claims the PX-MiEV II is capable of covering around 800 Km (498 miles) in a combined mode.
When the PX-MiEV II uses both electricity and engine power, fuel consumption figures are 60 Km/L while in pure electric mode the car will be able to cover 50 Km.   

Source: Mitsubishi