Honda plans on stealing the spot light this year in Tokyo as it has planed on revealing no less than seven new concepts in the Japanese capital.
The car concept models among them are the Small Sports EV, a new generation compact sports model that runs on electricity, the AC-X which is a plug-in hybrid that aims at making both urban and long distance motoring comfortable through its spirited or relaxed driving modes, plus the Micro Commuter which is small EV that wants to provide mobility in urban areas.
The Japanese company is also going to unveil three motorcycle concept models. These include the Motor Compo, an electric two-wheeler with a detachable battery which can be loaded in the Micro Commuter Concept, the E Canopy, which is an electric three-wheeled scooter ideal for making deliveries, plus the RC-E Concept which is an EV version super sports bike.
The seventh concept is represented by the Townwalker, a power product that it very simple which ‘enables everyone to enjoy mobility’. The Townwalker can fold its steering and seat and can be easily loaded into a car.
Honda will also bring the N Box Concept at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, a boxy mini-vehicle that will soon enter production. 

Source: Honda