We’re used to seeing important names in automotive history team up to build watches alongside important names in the horologe segment. The most recent collaboration sees Bugatti with an exclusive watch, but very different from what we expected.

To match the famous marque’s qualities, Bugatti and VIITA have developed three unique smartwatch models, offering leading-edge technology, materials and design.

The three new Bugatti smartwatch models are named in tribute to some of the luxury French marque’s most iconic hyper sports cars of the 21st Century; the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Pur Sport, Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Le Noire and Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Divo.

Smartwatches are young, innovative and conquered our wrists in just a decade. Hardly anyone can live without them anymore. Just like the automobile at the time of its invention, their technology develops fast, their design becomes increasingly more elegant, their craftsmanship steadily more elaborate. VIITA Watches from Austria has become one of the leading luxury smartwatch companies in less than five years. Just like Bugatti, VIITA prioritises high quality and cutting-edge technology.

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Each of the new Bugatti smartwatch models offers an innumerable number of technical features, among them 90 different sports, your level of oxygen in the blood, your acceleration, and, specifically for the Bugatti watch, a GPS tracking mode. To quickly adjust to new technologies and customer demands, VIITA has developed its own software.

Every example is made by hand with meticulous attention to detail, produced by a team of renowned IT and watch-experts leading to a seamless integration of more than 1,000 individual parts. The outcome represents the same engineering excellence which Bugatti’s own hyper sports cars stand for.

Wide-ranging personalization is central to the Bugatti experience. And so the wearer has the option to affix a tailored Bugatti rubber wrist strap for ultimate comfort, or a bespoke titanium strap to complement the titanium theme of the case. The Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Pur Sport, Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Le Noire and Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Divo editions can each be further customized with a unique bezel to reflect the customer’s personal style.

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The bezel – located at the most exposed point on a watch – is carefully sculpted and milled from scratch-resistant ceramic to the smallest of tolerances, made possible by an ultra-precise CNC process. The bezels for all three models are made of scratch-resistant ceramic, elaborately finished by hand in a production process lasting 20 days. With the special key supplied, the customer can replace a bezel within one minute.

Forming the backbone of every smartwatch is the high-strength and hypoallergenic cover, forged from lightweight titanium.