A stunning new art installation, inspired by Jaguar design and created
by Royal College of Art students Ewan Gallimore and Claire Miller, was
unveiled to an exclusive audience at the opening of the Clerkenwell
Design Week, which runs in London from May 21-23, 2013.

The installation was created by RCA students in association with
Jaguar’s Advance Design team in Whitley, Coventry, using many of the
technologies and facilities employed in the creation of Jaguar concept
cars and production designs.
Jaguar, which is the primary sponsor of Clerkenwell Design Week,
approached both the MA Vehicle Design and MA Textile Design
Departments of the Royal College of Art with a brief to create a joint
exterior and interior form study which expresses their vision of
future Jaguar Design Language in either a sports or luxury context.
Teams comprised of students from both vehicle design and textile
design backgrounds were asked to consider the proportions, surfacing,
line interactions and aesthetic beauty when expressing their vision of
Jaguar’s future design language.

In the end, nine different teams each presented their outstanding
proposals and after much deliberation on the part of the Jaguar
Advance Design team, the submission of Ewan Gallimore and Claire
Miller eventually emerged as the favorite.

Source: Jaguar