The new Kia commercial features Pierce Brosnan being pitched by his agent on his next acting project.  Pierce, playing roles like James Bond and Remington Steele, naturally assumes the project will be a thrilling adventure with high-speed chases, snipers, exploding buildings, and heavy artillery.   But instead the project is about starring in the next Kia Sorento commercial.
The fast-paced sixty-second spot title “The Perfect Getaway” shows Pierce facing real world obstacles such as snow, curvy mountain roads, an owl and a moose.   
The commercial is more about escaping everyday life by going on a ski trip or a romantic cabin stay in the woods.
The new 2015 Kia Sorento debuted last year at the Paris Motor Show and is a cross between a useful minivan and rugged SUV.  It offers three row seating with room for seven, six-speed automatic transmission standard on front-wheel and optional all-wheel drive.

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Source: Kia