If you are looking for a German Grand Tourer, the 8 Series is the perfect car for you. But if you are searching for some special thrills, we have a good news. 

Wait a few months because BMW is working on a BMW M8. A real M car. A few days ago, the guys from cvdzijden – Supercar Videos Youtube channel have spyed the upcoming M8 during some testing around the famous Nurburgring race track. 

As far as we know until now, the upcoming BMW M8 will feature a V8 4.4 liter engine which might reach 600 horsepower. An M8 Competition is said to deliver 630 horsepower, a value wich makes sense since the M5 Competition has 620 horsepower. 

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We don’t know for sure when BMW will unveil the all-new M8 super-Grand Tourer, but we are pretty sure that it will be showcased during the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is not for sure, but it is our best guess.