A few months ago, BMW unveiled the all-new BMW M3 Saloon. Shortly after the presentation, the BMW M boss said that for the first time, the medium class developed by the German car manufacturer will have a performance break model: the M3 Touring.

The BMW M also published a teaser picture with the car and announced us that the street tests will start soon. Also, the guys from BMW said that the development part is still on the beginning so we should not expect to see the car until 2022.

But these days, our fellow friend Automotive Mike managed to capture some shots with one of the M3 Touring prototypers hooning around the streets nearby Nurburgring. The images were not captured on the track, but this means that the German engineers and drivers are pretty ready to test the M3 Touring around the famous race track.

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Also, according to some rumors, the upcoming production model will be available only with an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. To have a comparison, the M3 Saloon is also available with a six speed manual and RWD only.