In order to keep its cars up to date, BMW is launching a new series of updates for the US range.

The next levels of technology enhancements are being rolled out now to BMW customers with iDrive 7. These updates include the latest Remote Software Upgrade, an updated BMW News app with podcast-based news, and the addition of SiriusXM Pandora Artists’ stations.

BMW Remote Software Upgrades deliver comprehensive improvements to key vehicle functions, bring the latest digital products into the vehicle over the air, and ensure the vehicle’s software is always up to date.

Included in the latest Remote Software Upgrade are refinements to the Lane Departure Warning feature. Sophisticated detection logic informs the vehicle when it is on a narrow road without a center marking and suppresses steering intervention. This prevents undesired steering towards the middle of the road, e.g., when there is oncoming traffic.

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Advanced volume control for Android smartphones connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth provides an enhanced sound experience for streaming music or podcasts.

The BMW News app has been upgraded to meet the growing desire for news-on-demand and infotainment podcasts. The key new functions are personalized, intelligent filtering of news, significantly higher audio quality and the introduction of news feeds. Accessing news will now be as easy and entertaining as listening to the radio.