Bentley is one of those companies who have built for a very long time only luxury cars. But these days, the luxury will come packed in a different form.

According to Bentley, in the next years we will see some big changes in the manufacturers’ products.

In a press conference, CEO Adrian Hallmark announced the brand’s plan to roll out an entire range of electric vehicles. “The future of Bentley will be fully electric. We are not only working on one electric car but a full family of electric cars.”

According to Hallmark, the first electric Bentley will roll out in 2025 and will use a dedicated EV platform. By 2026, all vehicles in the Bentley line-up will be equipped either with a plug-in hybrid system or a full EV package.

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“By 2030, no more combustion engines. This is a profound change for the industry and we want to lead that change”, Hallmark says.