Audi is preparing its first electric GT model. Its name is Audi e-tron GT and it will be the first electric model to feature a performance version.

The sporty variant of the car will be named Audi RS e-tron GT and these days, the German car manufacturer has published a few pictures of one of the prototypes. Also, some journalists have had the opportunity to drive the prototype.

As a result, we have some technical specs for the car. It will have two electric engines capable of producing 600 horsepower (or 655 HP when the Launch Control is activated) and will reach 100 km/h in “much less than 3.5 seconds,” according to German officials.

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But our fellow Matt from CarWow put the car to a 0-60 mph test and got this result: 2.88 seconds. Not to 100 mph was completed in 6.86 seconds, followed by a quarter mile run at 10.94 mph.

The launch of the new Audi RS e-tron GT is near, so don’t miss it.