Bentley has officially unveiled the Mulliner Batur, a special project that was developed by the guys from Mulliner. Just like any other Mulliner project, this one will be built in a limited number of units. To be more specific, only 18 Batur units will be made. But don’t get too excited, as all of them are already spoken for, no matter that the price tag exceeds 2 million USD.

The Batur also marks an interesting fact: it announces the future design of the brand in the electric era.

But don’t get mad, as the Batur isn’t an electric car. It is equipped with the mighty W12 6.0-liter engine.

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It can deliver 710 horsepower and a 1,000 Nm peak of torque, which means the Batur is the most powerful car the company has ever built. Inside the cabin, you’ll find all the good stuff that Bentley can offer you.