With the B&B VW Transporter T5 the German tuner proves that it understands the need for individuality, no matter what you drive, even a van.
Besides the 40mm lowered suspension, the stainless steel exhaust system or the set of exclusive wheels available in sizes 18, 19 or 20 inch the B&B VW Transporter T5 is mostly about increased performance.
Even if it sounds strange there are two power upgrades developed for the B&B VW Transporter T5 which enable the 2.0-litre TDI unit from under the bonnet to produce either 210 HP and 450 Nm or 225 HP and 480 Nm.
These upgrades carry a price tag of 1,198 Euro and 3,950 Euro respectively and the tuner also recommends getting their special oil cooler that guarantees optimizes cooling and better flow.
For extra stoppage force needed as a result of the power increase the B&B VW Transporter T5 can be equipped with 4- or 6-piston high performance brakes as well.
B&B Automobiltechnik press release :
Since more than 26 years the German-based tuning specialist B&B Automobiltechnik (www.bb-automobiltechnik.de – Tel. +49/271/30323-0) optimizes cars by VW and Audi. The newest development from B&B is the tuning-program for the actually available VW Transporter T5. The engine power rises up to a maximum of 225hp and 480nm torque in the highest tuning level. The acceleration changes from 11.4 to 9.8 sec for 0-100km/h. The top speed rises from 191km/h to 203km/h. The two staged B&B motor program starts with a modification of the car’s electronic device, increasing the boost pressure by 0.2bar, to bring the 2.0 bicharged TDI engine on 210HP and 450Nm torque for only 1.198,- Euro. In the second stage for 3.950,- Euro 225hp and 480nm are reached. In this stage air induction and airflow are optimized, the injectors get modified and boost pressure is increased by about 0.25bar. In addition the electronic characteristic map is optimized to these changes.
A recommendation to all stages is the B&B special oil cooler, which includes a thermostat and is produced in OEM quality. It marks up by much bigger volume, better flow and more cooling surface. The high quality B&B oil cooler is also recommendable for series T5 to guarantee life and steadiness of the engine.
In addition B&B builds a sport exhaust made of stainless steel, which will increase the power up to 5hp and will reduce pressure and temperature of the exhaust gas and optimizes the sound. By using this sport exhaust more power is realized as well as reducing thermal burden to the engine and the turbo charger.
To improve the driving characteristics of the unstable VW T5, B&B offers a sport spring kit, which lowers the ride height by 40mm and reducing roll significantly. A specially for the VW T5 Facelift developed, height, train and rebound adjustable, coil-over suspension, which increases the potential cornering speeds significantly, is also available.
For the delay corresponding the increased performance B&B provides a special 4- or 6-piston high performance brake system, which gives the VW T5 driver at all times a secure feeling. Exclusive wheels in 18", 19" + 20" round up the outside of the VW bus.

Source: B&B Automobiltechnik