We saw the Bentley Bentayga, the Rolls Royce Cullinan, the Lamborghini Urus. All of them are very expensive SUV’s that can impress you with their luxury or performance. But what is Aznom Palladium all about? Those looking for a vehicle capable of moving with elegance on any terrain have their wish granted: Aznom Palladium.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Palladium wants to retrace the steps of famous Italian coachbuilders from the past when each vehicle was truly handmade with care and passion.

As a matter of fact each and every one of the ten cars on the production schedule will be tailor-made for the client after having chosen the customization of every detail.

Aznom Palladium is unique, starting from its dimensions (just shy of 2 meters in height and almost 6 meters in length) positioning it unquestionably within the limousine realm, while its non-conventional appearance confers a powerful image equal only to its mechanical strength.

Capable of traversing any terrain with two- or four-wheel drive, Palladium is equipped with a 5.7 liter biturbo engine capable of delivering more than 700 hp and a torque of 950 Nm.

The evolution of style for the Aznom Palladium has been entrusted to Studio CAMAL, founded in 2008 in Torino by Alessandro Camorali, who has developed his expertise among important brands and historic Italian design studios.

The grille is enclosed in a rectangular perimeter that enhances the space through a new type of luxury, an interpretation in between modern and classical, while the hood is tilted towards the front, drawn as a sculpture and enriched by a touch coming from the past (the frieze that once was the distinction of every great limousine), embodiment of the spirit of Palladium.

A noble touch comes in the form of what has been called by designers “horizon window”, a slit in the rear pillar that contributes to the mysterious and suffused lighting on the inside of the car while allowing the occupants to enjoy a glimpse of the outside horizon.

The cockpit area has been designed with a focus on the driver and to emphasize the dashboard’s horizontal lines while Aznom’s backlit logo stands out from the instrument panel.

The seats, which have a custom pattern in the seat and back areas, boast a large headrest designed with the same philosophy as the rear recliner.

The base model of Palladium is completely covered with Foglizzo leather (ceiling included). Valuable materials and finishing touches elevate every corner of the car to quality levels rarely seen before, underscoring the choices made together with the clients and thanks to the best suppliers and the most talented craftsmen Italy has to offer.

Another refined feature comes in the form of the touch display placed on the driver’s door panel allowing for the complete control of the interior lights, air conditioning, on-board refrigerator, the opening and closing of all drawers and compartments, the trunk and of course windows and doors.

The display on the other door controls the door locking, window, light and accessories concerning the respective side.

Adding to the amenities for the passengers at the back we also find the excellent Harman Kardon sound system and two Microsoft Surface X PRO.

A beautiful handmade clock, made of gold and palladium, is available in the lower central position at the rear. Designed by Aznom it incorporates the Palladium logo as the arms tastefully recall the exterior color of the car. The clock can be removed and become an elegant piece of home furniture.

Pushing the Palladium is a powerful V8 5.7 liter biturbo engine tuned by Monza Garage and capable of delivering 710 hp and 950 Nm of torque. Upon request of the client an eTorque mild-hybrid system can be installed and paired to the engine.

One of the highlights of the powertrain is that, under certain circumstances, it can function with 4 cylinders only (Fuel Saver mode) allowing for considerable savings in terms of fuel.

Pairing up with the engine is a latest generation 8-speed automatic transmission.

The powerful braking system features 408 x 34 mm ventilated discs with 6 piston Brembo GT calipers at the front. The rear brakes feature smaller discs, 380 x 28 mm with 4 piston calipers. The parking brake is electronic.

The wheels made from solid aluminum follow an original design by Aznom and are quite large (22 inches) as are the Yokohama Advan Sport 285/45ZR22 tires.

The independent front suspensions feature aluminum upper and lower arms while the stabilizer bar has been fitted behind the wheel axis to reduce the car’s body roll. The rear suspension has in contrast five arms in order to better clear obstacles on the road.