As part of promoting their Audi Q5 SUV in the US, the commercial featured below seems to continue the company’s way of aggressively advertising its products by comparison. In this case the Audi Q5 SUV achieves the spot light by pressenting ‘Chip’s Motors’ dealership with its ‘boxy’ cars on display as an ironic reference to the size and shape of American SUVs. It is pretty easy to see where Audi is aiming as the guy named ‘Chip’ in the video wants to sell models like the Rectangular and the Wanderer. Right now the Audi Q5 SUV commercial is being aired in Canada and even though you might prefer American brands over Audi we think the clip is pretty funny.
Watch the Audi Q5 SUV Commercial after the jump

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Audi Q5 SUV Commercial :

Source: YouTube