We all know that Audi is investing a lot of money into its car, trying to make them as technologically advanced as they can. Audi is broadening its range of online services. The new Audi connect offerings myCarManager and myService allow the customer to control specific functions remotely by smartphone or arrange a service appointment online.

The new services bring enhanced convenience and security, and are available immediately for the Audi Q7 and the new A4 model line.

The latest version of the “Audi MMI connect” smartphone app now also includes vehicle-specific services such as myCarManager. Owners of the new Q7 and A4 can use their smartphones to lock and unlock the doors, operate the optional auxiliary heating and view an up-to-date status report of their car. They can also check where the car is currently parked and how long it has been there. The app can now also be operated using an Apple smartwatch.

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The status report enables the owner to call up various up-to-date car information on their mobile phone. This includes the status of the windows and doors (open/closed), the distance reading, the fuel level in the tank and the car’s operating range, service information, engine oil level and any warning messages. The Car Finder function comes into its own when the car is left parked in a city: With its help, the driver can be guided straight back to their Audi. They can also see how long the car has been parked in its current location. The “Auxiliary Heating” menu item allows remote starting and stopping of the optional auxiliary heating, selection of two different intensity levels and timer programming.

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For the new services, Audi attaches maximum importance to data security. Communication never passes directly between the smartphone and the car; there is always the firewall of a secure Audi server in between. The system responds in a variety of ways depending on the type of query. For the status report, the car sends the current data to the Audi server, where the customer can access it at any time using their smartphone. 

Additional authentication takes place between the Audi server and the car before the action is performed. Conversely, this means the car would not respond to a command from an unauthorized third-party server.

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All this to ensure its clients that the information is safe in an Audi. This comes after many scandals regarding the potential car hacking of current vehicles.