eROT is the new suspension system developed by Audi that is capable to transform the vertical movement of the car into electric energy. You know that the dampers are absorbing the energy and then it is transferred into heat. 

This time, the energy developed by the vertical movement of the car will become electric energy. 

“Every pothole, every bump, every curve induces kinetic energy in the car. Today’s dampers absorb this energy, which is lost in the form of heat. With the new electromechanical damper system in the 48-volt electrical system, we put this energy to use”, said Dr.-Ing Stefan Knirsch, Audi board member for technical development.

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Instead of the conventional telescopic dampers, the eROT uses lever arms connected to rotary dampers that can absorb the motion of the wheel and transmit it through a set of gears to an electric motor mounted in the rear axle. 

According to Audi, this system is able to recover between 3 and 613 watts of energy (we don’t know what was the testing surface or the testing distance). 

The new eROT system will work with the 48-volt electrical system, the technology that we have seen on the Bentley Bentayga and Audi SQ7.

Source: Audi