Last year Audi announced that will come to Formula 1. Don’t be that happy, since the move will take place in 2026. According to the deal, Audi will become an engine manufacturer for Sauber – which is currently known as Alfa Romeo Orlen Formula 1 team.

To put things in order, Audi and Sauber have to take some actions on management site. As a result, Audi bought minority stake in Sauber. And this is a big thing since it confirms that this move will happen some time.

For now there are no details on the financial side, but Sauber – just like I am – calls this “an important milestone on the way to Audi’s entry in Formula 1.”

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In 2026, Formula 1 engines will run on 100 percent sustainable fuel sourced from non-food plants, municipal waste, or carbon capture. The rules also says that the electric motor will increase from the current 160 HP to 470 HP, while the maximum output of the 1.6 liter V6 will remaining at around 850 HP.