2022 was not an easy year for car manufacturers. There were some big challanges due to COVID pandemic, chip shortages and Russian attack against Ukraine. But all in all, we have some 2022 winners.

Despite these problems, Toyota managed to defend its title as the best-selling car manufacturer in 2022. The Japanese manufacturer shipped 10,483,024 vehicles around the world. The total was down only by 0.1 percent compared to 2021.

On the second spot was Volkswagen Group. Unlike other years, when the Germans were close to Toyota, in 2022, Volkswagen Group sold only 8.3 million cars, which is -7 percent compared to 2021. And don’t forget that in 2021 everybody was in lockdown for some months.

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Despite all the troubles in 2022, Toyota managed to increase its production by 5.3% (10,610,604 units).

In the US, Toyota was not the best selling manufacturer. GM managed to get the crown with 2,274,088 vehicles while Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) delivered 2,108,458 during last year.