Back in 2016, Aspark unveiled the Owl during the Frankfurt Motor Show. This electric hypercar was developed from scratch and in the next two years, the engineers and designers have worked hard to come up with a production version.

The series model was unveiled in late 2019 and it promised blistering acceleration and zero emissions.

Earlier this week, Japanese officials announced that the Aspark Owl is available in North America. Also, new dealers will be added in Europe and the Middle East in the coming weeks.

According to Asprak, there will be only 50 units of the Owl. 20 will go to Europe, 20 will be built for the Middle East and Asia, which would leave 10 for the North American market.

As you may have read, Aspark Owl can run from not to 60 mph in 1.72 seconds, while the top speed will be clocked at 249 mph. The not to 189 mph will take 10.6 seconds.

The car has four electric motors and a 64 kWh battery pack which will be enough for about 280 miles of range. The Owl has a starting price of €2.9 million.