Alfa Romeo Giulietta is one of the oldest compact hatchback in Europe. This very generation is on sale since 2010 and it doesn’t perform well at all. And this is no surprise.

But now we have another news: the Giulietta will be axed in 2020. The Italian car manufacturer already voted this and if you are a fan of the compact car this is the moment to buy one.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta will soon be replaced by a new compact crossover which will offer the same driving dynamics as the sporty hatchback. The SUV will be Alfa Romeo Tonale and it will be the brand’s first plug-in hybrid model.

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This is not the only product Alfa Romeo is working on: soon the Italian car manufacturer will come with a subcompact crossover which will be slotted below Tonale.

We also have find out that Alfa Romeo won’t come with a GTA variant of the Stelvio. The Italians have said that this moniker is special for the brand and all the models who wear this badge have to be flawless.