A few weeks ago, Toyota has published the first teaser picture with the upcoming Yaris GR-4, a production hot hatch which was heavily inspired by the WRC car.

The unveiling should have been in November in Australia during the last rally stage of this year, but the bushfires in the New South Wales regions have canceled the event. As a result, Toyota postponed the unveiling.

In order to keep the fans happy, Toyota has published a teaser video with the upcoming Yaris GR-4. The car will come with a four-wheel drive and it will also have a manual transmission.

We don’t know what engine it will use, but we do know for sure that it will be a really pocket-rocket. On the deisgn side there will be lots of bits carried over from the WRC model.

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According to Toyota, the unveiling of the 2020 Yaris GR-4 will take place on January 10.