The 8th consecutive video following the development process and the challenges faced by Nissan’s engineers in transplanting the GT-R’s engine, drivetrain and suspension into the Juke has been published last night.
This latest mini episode talks about the Juke R’s handling, and the measures taken in order to make this crossover act like a supercar.
Some of these measures included installing a roll-cage in order to achieve enough torsional rigidity, tweaking the suspension by adapting the damping rates, fitting new springs and stiffer anti roll bars, and equipping the car with the larger brake disc package from the 2011 Nissan GT-R.  
In their next video Nissan will talk about the finishing touches applied to the Juke R, and hopefully after that will be receiving some performance number, and find out what this baby is capable of.

8th Video: Nissan Juke R Handling

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Source: Nissan