BMW has officially unveiled the revised variant of the current 3 Series. In BMW world, this is called an LCI, but we named it a facelift.

On the front side of the car you will notice the absence of those notches, which means the design is a lot more clean.

But the most important modification comes from the inside. Compared to the non-facelift model, the revised version comes with the BMW 8.0 operating system. This means that all dash board has been changed.

You’ll find now a 14.9 inch media display and a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster joined under the same glass sheet. Basically, it is the same layout you’ll find in the new BMW iX.

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On the engine side, there are no news. The 2023 BMW 3 Series facelift will be available with petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engines.