Genesis takes a different approach for the US customers. It is launching the new 2021 Genesis GV80, the first-ever SUV from luxury automaker and its parent company’s first volley in the rear-wheel drive, mid-size luxury utility market.

The GV80’s ability to span on- and off-road environments without sacrificing refinement and stability begins with the platform itself.

The carefully engineered chassis – codenamed M3 – allows for maximum design flexibility, key to the GV80’s low profile, wide stance and airy interior space. The GV80 is both lower and wider than many competitors, striking a good balance between length and width while positioning itself as one of the lowest vehicles in the segment.

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This gives the vehicle a stable stance and notably low center of gravity, ensuring confident and well-balanced handling. Thoughtful engineering also allows for a low seating position, giving occupants plenty of head room in conjunction with the artfully sloping roofline.

Classified as a Light Duty Truck (LDT), the GV80 was specifically engineered for optimum crash safety and overall body stiffness. Structural components combine four types of steel and extensive use of aluminum – all placed in exactly the right place to leverage their unique material properties. Key panels use hot-stamped and ultra high-strength steel for maximum rigidity, an important factor when it comes to protecting drivers and passengers in case of a collision. The resulting body stiffness also ensures the best balance between crisp handling and ride comfort.

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The team was also intent on weight savings for best performance and fuel efficiency. The liberal use of aluminum results in significant weight savings. Replacing steel with aluminum in forming the doors, hood and tailgate resulted in a 255 lb. weight savings.