Back in 2015, Ford decided not to sell anymore the Shelby GT500. The new generation Mustang was back on track and in 2017 we have seen a lesser version of the Cobra snake. It is called GT350 and it was on sale until today.

Ford has officially unveiled the all-new 2020 Shelby GT500. There are not so many details as you would expect, but we do have some interesting thing to say about it.

For start, this is the most powerfull road legal Ford ever built. It uses the same V8 5.2 liter engine but now it deliver "more" than 700 horsepower. The engine resources are sent to the rear wheels via an automatic seven speed transmission with double clutch. 

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As a result the new Shelby GT500 can run from not to 60 mph in 3,5 seconds, while the quarter mile is done in less than 11 seconds. 

On the design side we have a bigger radiator grille, massive air intakes and some other aerodynamics tweaks. With the Performance package, the car comes with a massive rear wing and some carbon fiber body accessories.