Ford has unveiled another track version of the current generation Mustang. After the GT3 and GT4 versions, it is time to say hello to the all-new Mustang Dark Horse R.

Basically, the car is based on the street legal Dark Horse version, but it features an improved V8 5,0 liter naturally aspirated engine which can deliver over 500 horsepower. There are also new cooling system for the transmission and differential, special track suspensions, and, of course, a stripped out interior.

The interior also comes with a protective roll cage, special Recaro bucket seats, a plug-and-play steering wheel from Sparco. Also from Sparco are the racing harnesses.

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The price for the new Mustang Dark Horse R is 145,000 USD, and starting 2024, Ford will intiate a special competition. It is called Mustang Challenge and will be an exclusive series only for Mustang owners.